Looking Back At The Most Memorable Girl Dress in Hollywood Oscar

Because of girl dress, do you have some unforgettable moments of girl dress in Hollywood Oscar? When it comes to the 89 years of Academy Awards, we always easily find some of the most memorable moments in its fashion history. At present, lets look back and appreciate the most memorable moments from the biggest night in Hollywood.

Apparently, Joan Collins turned heads in this bubble hem gown, and no formal look was complete without elbow-length gloves in 1950.

Certainly Lola Falana understood how to accessorize. A feather boa was the perfect touch to add a little drama to a classic black gown in 1970.

Lauren Hutton was an example of the relaxed glamour of the '70s in her chubby fur jacket and rainbow Halston gown in 1975.

Debbie Allen stood for the best of '80s fashion in 1982 with the help of thigh-high slit, bold shoulders, all-over embellishments.

Winona Ryder was permanent in this black strapless gown in 1990 Academy Awards.

A body-hugging Herve Leger dress to show off her enviable figure if you're Cindy Crawford. What's a supermodel to wear to her first Academy Awards in 1993?

Owing to this sparkling curve-hugging dress, Elizabeth Hurley was the typical Versace girl, the actress and model stole 1995 show.

Certainly it was a unforgettable moment to become the first African American woman to win 2002 Academy Award for Best Actress, as was Halle Berry's Elie Saab extraordinarily sheer floral gown.

It has become one of the most memorable fashion moments due to Michelle Williams's saffron Vera Wang dress in 2006. She went with her then-boyfriend Heath Ledger.

In a sea of crystal and tulle embellished gowns, Marion Cotillard, in a Jean Paul Gaultier dress that looked as though it was literally made of fish scales, sticked out on 2008 red carpet.

In 2009, Penelope Cruz channeled a fairytale princess in a vintage Pierre Balmain gown when she won Best Supporting Actress for Vicky Cristina Barcelona.

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How to Wear Skinny Jeans For Men | Men’s Fashion Guide

Do you know how to wear skinny jeans for men? Perhaps you will say “Are you kidding me? No man will not know how to wear everything.” Actually I know everyone knows how to wear, but most of people don’t know how to wear it fashionably, right? Just a few short years ago, it could be argued that men’s fashion and style as we know it didn’t really exist. Certainly, men still wore clothes and seasonal runway shows existed, however there was not the highly desire for them to dress well, the same need to be stylish or the same hunger to be up to date on all the latest trends. So I am here to give you some men’s fashion guide about skinny jeans for men.

In the first place, avoid the‘all tight everything’trap that plenty of men seem to fall into. Regular-fitting styles, which have a little more room in the body, should take the place of skintight tees, or even a slim-fit tee a size up from normal, on account of those looking to channel AW14’s big anti-fit trend.

Secondly, you should be realistic with your aesthetic – spray-on jeans, which are overwhelmingly casual, don’t mix at all well with smart tailoring. Actually standard styles work much better. Nevertheless, streetwear-inspired pieces or sports luxe are perfect to be associated with spray-ons – consider longline tees/shirts, bomber jackets, fashion trainers and sweats.

Thirdly, think about monochrome colour palettes – grey, black, white and navy with just one or two pops of colour; contrasting textures and weights – leather juxtaposed and heavy wools with lightweight jersey/cotton; and playing with the overall silhouette –asymmetric or oversizing matches with boxy outerwear and chunky knits.

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Every Man Need Own: Three Essential Mens Shoes For You

Do you have your essential mens shoes? As the fashion seasons come and go, the style conscious gent will quietly keep an eye on his wardrobe to identify any required updates a fresh palette there, a key piece here. Nonetheless, he should also have a good look down below - shoes which are the foundation of every outfit, the anchor, if you will. Wearing the wide-leg trousers or latest selvedge denim amounts to precisely naught if it's all undone with a pair of old, mouldy footwear. Allow us to break down the three essential shoes to find out right now.

The office shoe

Seek out a style revision instantly if you're harbouring pointed – or square – toed work shoes in the wardrobe. As any business attire, the office shoe need to exude a sense of confident discretion. Enter the monk strap. The lace-free and clean shape features masculine buckle detailing which adds a little more wow and is a little more 'now' than plainer alternatives. The monk is trending, hence it will be found from Aquila to Gucci at all price points.

The dress shoe

It's not enough to simply repurpose the office shoe when you head out after dark and require to look smart. Although no one notices, you'll feel like that you're just dressing for work. Chase after something special like Berluti or John Lobb, footwear that affords a touch of dandy sophistication, namely the evening loafer. In order to set it aside from its daytime counterpart, it should have a heel and leather sole, with uppers in a dark, suitably luxurious textile like velvet or patent leather. Of course this is a look that makes a statement, one that says "I'm prepared to take risks, yet I'm a classicist".

The sports shoe

As versatility is key, a sports shoe needs happily do double duty at a café counter or a weights bench. If you're still rocking chunky, fussy trainers with more neon than a Las Vegas casino update to lightweight, breathable tech fabrics with minimalist style. Nike's Air Zoom Pegasus 33 Shield iD has all this plus the added bonus of letting you completely customise the colours of every element, right down to personalised textsay, your name or "catch me".